Technical Safety Services

The highest level of customer service and technical assistance, Sayfa consultants are recognised as leaders in the assessment of newly installed or existing safety systems.

As Access and Fall Protection specialists, Sayfa is able to offer a complete system design, scope of works and cost analysis service
for architects and project coordinators. Let us take the guesswork out and ensure regulatory compliance.



A site survey is the first step towards developing a heights safety system for your site and the first step in our four-step process for creating a customized and effective height safety solution for your site. During the survey, information is gathered on which the design of the system is based. The Technical Safety team will determine the following:

  • The size of the location
  • The pitch of the roof in degrees
  • The material, size and strength of the structure
  • The compatibility of the safety products to be used
  • Where danger zones exist

Our team will also coordinate with the personnel who will be using the safety equipment to determine the design that will best suit their needs and the frequency with which they will be using it. We will design a system that takes all of the information into consideration and implement the height safety hierarchy of controls to best suit the site. We will take photos of all the areas surveyed to use as a reference during the design process.

Risk Assessment

The survey will determine how safe the roof is, and what areas pose a risk to the safety of employees who work at elevated levels. Risk assessment is determined by calculating the probability, frequency, and potential consequences represented by areas of risk represented as the “severity of injury.” The professionals from Technical Safety want to create the safest possible conditions for the safety of every employee who will rely on the safety system. That’s why we strive to design a custom heights safety system that will exceed the standards and compliance you are required to meet.

Highly qualified architects and project managers will perform the survey while working in partnership with you. The collection and translation of data is always based on our “safety first” philosophy. The unique characteristics of your site will be considered in a design that delivers a degree of safety that exceeds the Australian Standards for height safety. No risk is acceptable when there are options to remove them and make the work that they have to do safer and more secure. We will provide a comprehensive survey that will give us the information needed to create an effective safety system that will give you, and the employees who will use it, greater peace of mind.


The primary goal of any height safety solution is to prevent falls. Mitigating damage is always a secondary concern. The benefit of custom design allows the flexibility to work for any employee who is using the device while implementing the features that make it a good fit for the site. Technical Safety takes an individualized approach to design to accommodate the needs of each client. Our team works closely with top engineers in the field to design custom height safety solutions that will not only meet standards, but surpass them.

Temporary VS Permanent Systems

Our highly trained engineers will give every custom design job the same attention to detail whether it is for a temporary or permanent job. We always follow a “safety first” mentality regardless of the size of the job. When working at heights is a part of the job description, preventing falls is always a primary concern.

We implement a variety of products into our systems according to the site and the potential hazards. Some of the safety solutions we offer include anchor points, handrails, walkway systems, platforms and gantries, ladder systems and more. Our custom solutions are tested to relevant Australian Standards to ensure the greatest degree of safety.

Once we have completed the design for your system, we will provide you with a comprehensive design package that includes detailed costs along with CAD and DWG drawings and layouts for viewing your custom plan. At the end of the project, you can expect a system that meets the details of the plan and delivery that is on-time and on-budget.

Team Effort

Our highly trained team of professionals includes architects and project managers who work with you to determine your precise needs. The information gathered by these professionals will be used to custom design a solution that is focused on achieving optimal safety. Your involvement in the project will give you peace of mind that the final product will be the best one for your site.

At Technical Safety, providing safety solutions that exceed standards and providing the highest level of customer service are important to us. We want to work with you to create optimal solutions that will protect you, your employees, and your business. Our hope is that you will make us your first choice for custom height safety solutions for any projects you may have now, or in the future.


The most inspired safety system will lose its effectiveness if the level of skill used for the installation isn’t up to standard. That’s why the team at Technical Safety approaches the installation of your custom safety system with the same degree of precision that we put into our designs. Our skilled project managers and installation specialists work together to ensure the system is installed exactly according to plan.

The installation process is an integral part of the overall safety plan. Even minor mistakes or the use of the wrong tools can result in a potential hazard for your employees. Expert installation is the step that will turn your plan into an effective solution that will save lives. We rely on a skilled, experienced team of experts who have installed many height safety systems at a variety of sites. We know that delivering a complete product is the only way to ensure the safety of your site when working with heights is involved.

Communication and team work is at the core of our safety systems. Everyone has a part to play from the initial conversation about your specific safety needs until the final piece is in place. We deliver a quality product that is designed for your site and the conditions that your employees will face. Once the system has been tested, the installation will result in a final product that works the way it was planned and with the accuracy that it showed during the testing.

Even the simplest appliances and systems we rely on each day for convenience and comfort depend on the expertise of installation to perform in the way they were intended. When systems are designed to protect people from falls while working at elevated heights, getting results becomes much more important. To accomplish this, we start with the leading engineers, highest quality parts, and a devoted installation crew who knows what is riding on the outcome.

Real Solutions Delivered On-Time and On-Budget

Once your custom safety system has been designed, the various members of our team will work together to determine the best methods of installation. We work to deliver the best quality solutions within the time frame and the budget that you have in place. Our dedication to giving clients the best customer service includes delivering the best quality product that is operating accurately and dependably from day one. We never cut corners during any part of the process in order to save time or money. Instead, we work in a cooperative manner that allows us to create and install real solutions that save lives.


Certification and re-certification of your height safety system not only ensures that your system continues to meet regulatory and compliance requirement; but also that your employees continue to be when working at heights. Technical Safety offers the regular inspection of safety components required to establish and maintain compliancy of a newly installed or existing safety system.

On a site where changes occur, a compliant safety system may become unsafe and noncompliant for several reasons. Structural changes that occur to the building due to construction or unintentional means or changes to the integrity of the structure from harsh weather, stress or vibration, rust, or even insects can lead to unsafe situations.

Sometimes damage occurs to the height safety equipment over time or from misuse. Period recertification will prevent you from putting your employees at risk of falls from heights when your system is no longer working effectively.

Poor Installation

If your existing system was improperly installed, it may be putting your workers at risk in spite of the lack of changes to your building. That means that your system could have become degraded without your realizing there is any need for concern. Re-certification will allow us to determine if your height safety system is still providing a safe working environment and if you are compliant with Australian Standards.

What We Do

Our certification services include loading and proof-testing of componentry, including fixings and seal integrity, fittings, and harness gear used for working at elevations. We will update your signage to ensure every area is marked according to its condition.

Inspections are required annually for fall arrest anchors and horizontal lifelines, according to Australian Standards and they must be performed by the manufacturer’s recommendations. When you hire Technical Safety to design your safety systems, you can rest assured that we have the expertise to provide you with the appropriate and timely inspections of the safety system according to the Australian standards which includes the following:

  • Inspecting anchorages for visible deterioration that might prevent them from being serviceable every 12 months
  • Parent structures are also inspected for visible deterioration in addition to any modifications that could reduce anchorages
  • Anchors that are friction or glued will be proof tested
  • Any other areas recommended by the manufacturer

Technical Safety will provide you with the certification or recertification services you need to keep your height safety systems working continuously and help you meet the regulatory and compliance requirements listed in the Australian Standards.

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